Ten Things to Love about River Rock School

At River Rock, our students experience a hand-crafted education:

  • A multi-aged and caring learning environment where each individual is respected.
  • An individualized curriculum made possible by our low student to teacher ratio.
  • Academic and daily art experiences that support creative thinking, collaboration, and problem solving.
  • The freedom to explore essential academic components as they naturally arise through projects and thematic exploration.
  • No homework! No tests!
  • Students are prolific makers, their experiential learning is rooted in the exploration of a wide variety of materials and media.

Students and Parents worked together to develop the Ten Things to Love about River Rock School:

Our door is always open.  Parents are welcome to come in at drop-off and pickup and to observe or participate in the school day.  We encourage parents to get to know River Rock's students and staff, and to visit anytime.

We trust students with responsibility.  We believe kids are more competent than they sometimes are credit for being!  River Rock gives them chances to develop responsibility and enjoy the growth that comes from trying, sometimes failing, and ultimately, joyfully succeeding.

Our academic approach challenges a child's intellect individually.  River Rock's emergent curriculum responds to students interests; our individualized instructional approach lets us support each child's academic development through their personal style of learning.

There is time and space for your child to learn and develop.  Our small teacher-to-student ratio and our focus on individualized instruction let each child learn at a pace appropriate to their own abilities and needs.

Activity Time is a rich learning opportunity.  We recognize the importance of a hands-on education.  Students spend at least one hour a day engaged in creative work, exploring their ideas through art, drama, music, cooking, and other experimental avenues.

Outdoor Time is more than recess.  Kids need a chance to move -- it's part of how they learn.  River Rockers spend lots of time outside, rain or shine.  It refreshes their focus , soothes their senses, and reinforces their connection to nature and the wider world.

Council Meetings give kids a model for handling conflict in an empowering hopeful way.  Every member of the community knows they have a way to hold others accountable for their actions -- and the responsibility for their own to the rest of the community.

We support kids' developing relationships in each aspect of the day.  Whether it's a simple question of sharing materials or the more involved prospect of resolving deep disagreements, teachers make it a top priority to help students learn to relate to one another with respect, compassion, and kindness.

River Rock feels like Home.  River Rock families participate several times a year in all-community events to foster that feeling of belonging: camp outs, plays, shared dinners, outings and more.

River Rock runs on the shared commitment of its community.  From chaperoning a day  in the garden to teaching a new art technique, every family has the chance to make our school even better by sharing their time and skills.  We welcome all volunteer efforts -- your involvement lets River Rocks program reflect who we really are.


River Rock School welcomes students of any race, gender, sexual orientation, color, creed, religion, class, national or ethnic origin, and does not discriminate on the basis of any of these in the administration of any of its programs.