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River Rock Committees

River Rock School is supported in its operations by volunteer committees composed of staff members, parents, and friends of River Rock.

After School Program and Vacation Camp Committee
Chair: Jen Pia-Needleman

This committee works with the After School Program Director to support the success of the After School Program for students and families. It also identifies camps to be offered during the school year and summer. It is in charge of hiring, staffing, publicizing, and administering these programs, meeting as needed and determined by the committee. This committee meets as needed.

Building and Grounds Committee
Co-chairs: Polly Wheeler and Angus Munro

This committee oversees and manages the school’s building and grounds. They are in charge of repairs and maintenance of all systems of heating, plumbing and electricity. Support of the Building and Grounds Coordinator is part of the committee’s role, helping him/her to address/delegate and deal with issues as they arise. They also help plan ways to make the current physical space and environment align with our ideal future vision. This committee meets monthly, or as needed.

CAL (Center for Arts and Learning Committee) Committee
Co-chairs: Leslie Roth and Ruthann Sullivan

This committee works to support the role of River Rock School as a member of the Center for Arts and Learning, including fundraising efforts, publicity, and facilities decision-making. It advises the liaisons to the board of CAL, attends events and working groups as determined by CAL, working with the Volunteer Coordinator to further community involvement. This committee meets as needed.

Fundraising Committee
Co-chairs: Leslie Roth and Elisabeth Mandell-Seaver

This committee is responsible for all fundraising efforts through the year, with a goal of raising $25,000-30,000 over the course of the year. From brainstorming ideas to the execution of events, this committee creates and keeps track of all sub-committees involved in fundraising, such as the Auction Committee.

Health and Wellness Committee
Chair: Shawnee Perry

This committee designs policies and procedures related to safety around the school community, head lice outbreaks, outbreaks of illness, immunization requirements, and emergency plans. It communicates with families about these issues as they arise. It meets as needed.

Outdoor Education Committee
Chair: John Medose

This committee works with teachers and students to create several outdoor experiences during the school year for students, year round. Activities may include field trips, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, camping, and/or other ideas generated by the school community. This committee will work with the Volunteer Coordinator to support teachers, students, and families in follow through of outdoor programming.

Public Relations Committee
Chair: Julie Robichaux

This committee is responsible for all publicity for the school, including publications, advertising, social media, press releases, newsletters, e-mail blasts, and website maintenance. They put up and maintain stock of posters and brochures around the central Vermont community and make efforts to have River Rock featured in local newspapers, radio shows, and other publications.

Volunteer Committee
Chair: Elly Wood

This committee supports the volunteer program in the school community, supporting and advising the Volunteer Coordinator as needed to engage families in ways to volunteer in events, activities and committee work at the school. It meets on a quarterly basis.