River Rock is an independent, state-recognized K-8 school.

River Rock's mission is to inspire students to actively seek knowledge, to think independently and creatively, and to embrace challenges.  Fostering a love of learning and sense of social responsibility early in life sets the foundation for compassionate citizenship.

How We Learn

River Rock follows an emergent curriculum, where the interests and musings of daily life are explored in the classroom. It allows learning to arise out of the children’s play, inquiries, actions and serendipitous events.

Parent Testimonials

"My son is thriving at UMass - Amherst, steeped in a brew of theater, dance, sociology, music theory, mathematics, and musical theater productions. River Rock School provided the freedom, opportunities, and encouragement for what is most essential within him to emerge, thrive, and be affirmed."

“The transformation in my daughter,in our relationship and in her relationship to the world was profound.  I think it would be fair to say that River Rock School successfully changed my child's life even only in the first days she was there.  It was one of the best gifts I've ever found that I didn't even know to look for.”

"We love River Rock’s small class size, strong community, emphasis on non-competitive schooling, compassionate approach to discipline, and encouragement to pursue individual interests."